Time to reflect

It was good to hear that out Brothers made it through Hurricane Matthew okay. From the time Matthew left our great city the people have started to come together. It didn’t matter if they were rich or poor or black or white, we came together as people, God’s people. This is what Masonry is all about. We strive to turn a good man into the BEST man that he can be.

Now that we are starting to get back to our normal lives let’s not go back to the people we were. Let’s remember that we are all God’s children and that we need to remember that the only reason a Mason looks down on another man is to help him up. I know that we remember this with other Masons but to be a truly great man we need to remember to do this towards all mankind! We need to remember that we are the chosen men who have been able to become Masons. That is an awesome responsibility to make sure that our brotherhood will be here for when our sons and grandsons are of age and follow in our path. We need to be those men that little boys look up to and want to become one day. We need to remember that there is someone always watching and we will be judged on our deeds here on Earth. Live your life in Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Michael Johnson, Sr. Warden 2016

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