With a New Year comes New Opportunity

Over the coming year we will be talking about this being the 300th Anniversary of Modern Masonry. At Roger Lacey we will be talking about how do we truly become better men and become better within the Craft. I pray that every Brother, from Roger Lacey or another Lodge, takes this year to reflect on themselves and remember the obligations that we took.

We call each other Brothers and as such we are Family and this year will be a Family Reunion. I am calling on all of my Brothers to come to Roger Lacey and be a part of this reunion. I know that many of you have not been to Lodge for one reason or another, it is time to come home and meet your new Brothers and reconnect with older ones. My phone is always on and my door is always open. If you know of anyone who needs a ride or a welcoming conversation, I want to know. I am looking forward to see each and every one of you on Monday.

~ Michael W. Johnson, Worshipful Master 2017

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