Officers and Past Masters

From Left to Right Front Row – Jack Striecher, PM (Tyler), Todd L. Reed, PM (Treasurer), Christopher M. Abramoski (Senior Warden), Chandler T. Schexnayder (Worshipful Master), Andrew N. Durrence (Junior Warden), Michael W. Johnson, PM (Secretary), Andrew J. Watt, Sr. (Senior Stewart) Back Row – Tanner L. Reed (Junior Deacon), Matthew A. Stafford (Senior Deacon) Not Pictured – John E. Cogley (Junior Stewart), Leonard H. Tishberg (Chaplin)


Past Masters of Roger Lacey Lodge #722

1959: Ezekiel K. Clifton

1960: Sidney F. Strickland

1961:Perry J. Singer

1962: Charles Gibson

1963: Gilbert M. Flinn

1964: Fred W. Bookhoop, Sr.

1965: James R. Evans

1966: John T. Hickey

1967: James C. Ward

1968: Creed Taylor

1969: Bobby R. Patton, Sr.

1970: Russel R. Garrett, Jr.

1971: Claude S. Neatherly

1972: Delbert E. Barker

1973: John L. McGlohon

1974: J. Prescott Jones

1975: Phillips D. Hamilton

1976: Tom A. Edenfield

1977: Lee W. Benson

1978: Homer H. DeLoach


1980: Lewis O. Williams

1981: Richard J. Payne

1982: William I. Groover

1983: Lloyd F. Sego

1984: Wade S. Moore

1985: Gene Miller, Sr

1986: Paul Kreider

1987: Fred W. Bookhoop, Jr.

1988: Harry C. Bookhoop, Sr.

1989: William E. Wells, Jr.

1990: Ronald W. Andrews

1991: Richard M. Bitler

1992: George A. Bookhoop

1993: Howard S. Major

1994: Kenneth D. Wade


1996: Bruce A. Revelle

1997: David E. Hall, Jr.


1999: William P. Jacobs, Jr.

2000: Thomas C. Thompson


2002: H. Jay Robbins

2003: Christopher D. Wingate

2004: Charles O. Woods

2005: William P. Jacobs, Jr., PM

2006: William T. O’Sullivan

2007: Roy A. Derhammer, aPM


2009: H. Jay Robbins, PM

2010: Jack Striecher

2011: William P. Jacobs, Jr., PM

2012: William T. O’Sullivan, PM

2013: Howard S. Major, PM

2014: Christopher K. Barnes


2016: Todd L. Reed

2017: Michael W. Johnson

2018: F. Andrew Ventura

2019: Chandler T. Schexnayder

2020: Christopher M. Abramoski

Italic Past Masters are those who are deceased.

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